AutoTrader MarketPlace

Where Private Car Buyers and Sellers meet with confidence. Vehicle Finance Vehicle Finance

AutoTrader with Chocolate have created a safe marketplace to buy and sell your car privately, so you can get more money for your car, and more car for your money with AutoTrader Marketplace.

So you have decided to sell your car privately…

With AutoTrader Marketplace you can sell your car privately, safely and with confidence, in AutoTrader Market Placeexchange for a little bit of your time and a car inspection at one of our many partner service centres located nationwide.

AutoTrader Marketplace will help prepare your car for sale, give you a safe place to meet and present you with offers only from pre-approved buyers, offer pricing advice and list your vehicle on South Africa’s Leading marketplace –, until your car is sold.

And it’s affordable. You get a full inspection report on your car, along with a compliance certificate.

Benefits of selling with AutoTrader Marketplace:

tick bullet A safe place to meet the buyer, lowering your risk
tick bullet A simple process, that is easy
tick bullet Your car is listed for free on until it is sold
tick bullet You get full purchase price – no commission payable
tick bullet Guaranteed payment into your bank account
tick bullet Get pricing assistance to attract the right buyers at the right price
tick bullet A full technical inspection at one of our partner service centres nationwide
tick bullet All negotiations handled on your behalf by your personal Deal Manager

So you are in the market to buy a car privately…

We have significantly lowered the risks involved in buying a car privately. AutoTrader MarketPlace
You’ve probably been tempted in the past after looking at private deals, but haven’t considered  them.
This can now change as AutoTrader Marketplace provides all the checks and protection you need to buy a car privately with confidence.Only cars that pass all our stringent checks & technical inspections are listed for sale on AutoTrader Marketplace.

Benefits of buying with AutoTrader Marketplace

tick bullet A safe place to meet the seller – lowering your risk
tick bullet A simple process, that is easy
tick bullet All cars have passed our stringent checks & technical inspections
tick bullet A pre-delivery inspection of the car to ensure that the car is as it is advertised at the time of purchasing it – on request
tick bullet All cars are pre-approved for finance
tick bullet Sellers are verified
tick bullet Licensing & registration is included