Vehicle FinanceChocolate is a safe and affordable way for individuals and companies to buy and sell vehicles to each other. Chocolate is there to protect the bank and the buyer in purchasing a quality vehicle while allowing sellers to achieve maximum return in a secure trading environment.

Chocolate facilitates the vehicle transaction between the buyer and seller. At Chocolate we follow a careful process to enable the vehicle to be properly transferred from the seller to the buyer, and correctly registered, whilst protecting both parties. Chocolate guarantees a safe and secure deal as proven by our 100% fraud-free track record.

A Chocolate pre-approved buyer has successfully submitted their identification documentation and has qualified for finance from one of the major South African banks. This greatly reduces the risk for the seller when allowing a potential buyer view or access to the vehicle.

A Chocolate approved seller has a vehicle that has been inspected and thoroughly processed to ensure the legality and quality of the vehicle. A person buying a Chocolate approved vehicle can be guaranteed that the vehicle has not been stolen and recovered, hasn’t been in any undisclosed major accidents, and is not a rebuilt vehicle.

Chocolate rejects any transactions that put the buyer, seller or bank at risk. Only deals that meet our strict criteria will be approved.

Chocolate strives to make a private transaction safe and convenient, whilst retaining the value for both parties. You wont find a more affordable and effective way of buying or selling a vehicle privately.

A private vehicle transaction requires a fair amount of administrative input from both the buyer and the seller. Because Chocolate is the expert in private transactions, our friendly call centre agents will guide you through a step by step process to complete your transaction.

The time frame for conclusion of your deal is dependent on the promptness and willingness of both Buyer and Seller to submit good quality documentation and information to our processing team, and could be completed faster or slower depending on the willingness of both buyer and seller to submit good quality documentation to our processing team.

What We Offer

  • Private Vehicle Finance       – Finance a vehicle being sold Privately with Chocolate cars
  • Vehicle Finance                    – Apply for finance with Chocolate for your next vehicle
  • Refinancing                          – Refinance your current car with Chocolate and save
  • Vehicle Insurance                – Let Chocolate offer you car Insurance
  • Vehicle Warranty                 – Get peace of mind with a Chocolate Warranty