A safer way to buy, sell cars online with Chocolate Cars and AutoTrader Marketplace.

Written by on April 19, 2018
A safer way to buy, sell cars online with Chocolate Cars and AutoTrader Marketplace.

Johannesburg – The new AutoTrader Marketplace is a fresh extension to the AutoTrader SA website. The new platform is, says the online vehicle classifieds, “up-rooting the scams, dishonest trading and sometimes straight robbery experienced on other vehicle trading sites, creating a place where private used car buyers and sellers can meet, negotiate and transact with confidence”.

Simple solution

Determined to chew up dodgy online car deals, AutoTrader SA and their partners created a simple solution. Combine the real world premises and expertise of a trusted vehicle service station, with the online know-how of AutoTrader and their finance partners; a new era in auto trading has begun.

AutoTrader SA CEO George Mienie said: “AutoTrader Marketplace is redefining the online private buying and selling process, we’ve not only made it safer to buy and sell cars privately, but we’ve also made the process simple and easy, giving you more money for your car and more car for your money.”

AutoTrader Marketplace has the following features:

• Bosch Service Stations countrywide provide premises for Marketplace buyers and sellers to meet, creating a safe space to conduct business.
• Pricing assistance means sellers list their vehicle at the right price, attracting the right buyer, and a dedicated Deal Manager is made available to negotiate on the seller’s behalf.
• Payment is guaranteed because all buyers are scrutinised. The vetting process includes securing pre-approved finance from one of AutoTrader’s trusted finance providers which services all banks / credit providers in SA. In addition, monies are paid directly into the seller’s bank account, meaning the seller receives the full purchase price.
•  All vehicles on AutoTrader Marketplace have passed stringent checks and technical inspections by Bosch Car Service, and a pre-delivery inspection can be requested to ensure the vehicle is in the condition advertised.
•  All vehicles bought enjoy an incredible 24-month mechanical warranty.
•  Finally, cars are licensed and registered upon purchase, cutting out the fine red tape that used to plague the process.

How it works:

Autotrader said: “You get a full inspection report on your car, along with a compliance certificate, all for a once off cost of only R1249 and your car will be listed on AutoTrader’s website.”

“Buying a car from Marketplace costs R3899 for facilitation and administration, and R1649 for registration. The total cost can be included in the buyer’s finance amount or paid for upfront.

“It’s an idea where everyone wins. Buyers and sellers keep the flexibility of the digital space, but get the safety of real-world services.”

For more information visit www.autotradermarketplace.co.za